Summer Fridays: In the Woods with Jesus

Every summer we bring together our ACT BG and ACT UT groups for "In the Woods with Jesus." Join us at the "Weaver Ranch" (6260 Prov Neap Swan Rd Swanton OH 43558) for s'mores, hot dogs, pudgie pies, popcorn, campfires, volleyball, games, hikes in the Maumee State Forest (which is really a meadow in this area), ping pong, croquet, lazy hammocking (new word), swimming (in a small pool), music and more!

Each week we will have a devotional to keep our week in focus. All are welcome beginning at 6:30 PM and ending whenever. Those who don't wish to make a late night drive home are welcome to camp out or sleep in the barn (no reservations needed!). Bring your own bedding, mosquito repellant and anything else you think you might need. No charge for the hot dogs but if you want something more substantial, feel free to bring something to cook over the fire.

Please check our calendar for the very few "off" days during the summer season.

ACT Inc 2017 Summer Picnic & Board Meeting August 6

Mark your calendar! The Annual ACT Board Picnic and summer ACT Inc Board Meeting is set for Sunday August 6, 2017 at the Weaver Ranch. Our picnic will begin with our quarterly Board meeting at 3 PM followed by dinner at 6 PM. The picnic is for board members, staff and their families. Volleyball, tether ball, giant Jenga, ping pong, Foosball, swimming (in the mini pool), hammocking, soccer, kick ball, corn hole, hiking & more!

2017 ACT God Dogs & Jesus Burgers

Despite the scattered showers, we had a wonderful evening filled with blessed encounters, uplifting conversation, joyful fellowship and a lot of hot dogs and hamburgers! Thank you to everyone who gave of their time and volunteered to help out for this fantastic outreach to the BG student community!

ACT 2017 Green Pancake Giveaway

Saint Patrick's Day is one of the biggest bar and party nights at Bowling Green State University. On March 17, 2017 ACT BG and ACT UT joined forces to pass out green pancakes to the thousands of students pass by the front of the ACT BG Campus House on Wooster Street in Bowling Green. Jesus calls us to be servants and one of the ways we can show His love for all is through giving. No judging, no condemnation... just the opportunity to touch lives and plant seeds for the Kingdom. It was a joy to serve others on a snowy and eventful night. It was a great evening to be servants of Christ.


2017 Active Christians Today Winter Retreat

Our Active Christians Today 2017 Winter Retreat was a great experience. A warm February weekend in the Pokagon region of Indiana brought together students from the University of Toledo, Bowling Green State University, Ohio University and Ohio State University. We enjoyed a great keynote speaker, fantastic workshops, inspirational worship and fellowship together as we found out what it means to "PLAY!"

ACT 2017 Football Sunday Party

What a great night! We welcomed students from both the University of Toledo and Bowling Green State University. The counters were stacked with sliders, chips, dips and snacks galore. Everyone made their picks and then sat back to watch a truly amazing and historic football game. Fellowship, food and fun made for a wonderful FOOTBALL SUNDAY!